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sophie’s introduction

I am absolutely delighted to reveal that the title of my next book will be THE PARTY CRASHER!

It’s about Effie, who’s fallen out terribly with her dad and his glamorous new girlfriend and thinks her family is ‘broken’. But she’s desperate to get a childhood treasure – her Russian dolls – from the family house before it’s sold. So she sneaks into the big family ‘house-cooling’ party to get them, planning to take only ten minutes. No-one will even know she was there.

But as she creeps around the house in her search, dodging guests and hiding under tables, she overhears conversations and secrets she didn’t expect. Then there’s the issue of her two ex-boyfriends, both guests at the party… and somehow she can’t leave.

But will Effie be discovered? Is that really what her family says about her, behind her back? And… does she want to stay hidden?


Number One bestselling author Sophie Kinsella returns with an irresistible new standalone about family love, family tensions and what you might hear if they didn’t know you were in the room . . .

Expect shocking secrets, hilarious mix-ups and an unforgettable romance. Welcome to the party of the year!


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