Tuesday 27th November 2018

A new look for Becky Bloomwood in the UK!

I am absolutely delighted to reveal a brand new look for my Shopaholic books in the UK! Here are the first two designs, with designs for books 3-8 to come soon.

Shopaholic 1 2

They are available to buy as ebooks now and will be available as physical copies from January. I hope you like them!

Becky Brandon (née Bloomwood) is perhaps the best-known of my book characters. When I started writing as Sophie Kinsella, I had the idea of a financial journalist who was advising people about money and at the same time hopelessly in debt herself. So came Becky, together with her quirky and distinctive take on life!

I hope, if you’ve not read Becky’s adventures, you’ll enjoy reading about her Shopaholic dreamworld life. And if you’ve read them already, maybe you’d like to meet her again.
Funnily enough, the money issues Becky faced when I first wrote her story are worryingly similar today…