Tuesday 4th April 2023

New book! The Burnout

I’m so pleased to share the UK cover for my brand new book, The Burnout!

The Burnout Newsletter Reveal

It’s all about Sasha, who hits a wall (quite literally!) and ends up going to recuperate from burnout at the Devon beach resort she loved as a child. However, the formerly grand hotel is a now a dilapidated shambles with comically bad staff (I loved writing them!) and the February weather is brutal. But even so, she’s in blissful solitude on the deserted, windswept beach, getting her thoughts together; getting her strength back; trying to figure stuff out.

Until, guess what? I’m sure you can… A handsome, obnoxious guy turns up with his own issues – and to her annoyance she has to share the beach with him.

At first, their relationship switches from completely ignoring each other to sparring with each other, but then a series of mysterious messages left on the beach draws them together, and….

I won’t give away any more right now. 😉

Find out more about the book here – it’s out now!

Signed copies are available from 🙂




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