Friday 27th March 2020

Make Volcano Treats inspired by Mummy Fairy and Me!

If you’re looking for something fun to do with the children, why not make these easy-peasy volcano treats?

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In Mummy Fairy and Me: Mermaid Magic, Ella makes a crafty volcano.

Let’s try making volcanoes that you can eat (with the help of a grown up)!

Then, you can share them to spread the lava.

Remember to wash your hands before touching any of the food or equipment!



Make sure you have the following ingredients (if anyone who will be eating these treats is vegan, you can find different options for them in the list)!

      • Rice pop cereal (90g)
      • Red, orange and yellow food colouring
      • 1 bar of milk chocolate (90g) Vegan? There are many vegan chocolate bars, like the one from Moo Free.
      • Half a bar of white chocolate (45g)
      • Butter (50g) Vegan? Try almond butter.


  1. Break your bar of milk chocolate into lots of pieces
  2. Put the butter and pieces of chocolate into a heat-proof bowl (this is important as, otherwise, the bowl may crack!)
  3. Ask a grown up to fill a pot with water, place it on the lit stove, and put your bowl of chocolate pieces on the pot
  4. Carefully stir the chocolate pieces and butter until everything is melted and smelling delicious (if you stop stirring, the chocolate could become crusty)!
  5. Ask a grown up to take the (very hot) bowl of melted chocolate off the pot (and remember to turn the stove off)
  6. You can now add all the rice pop cereal and stir it together!
  7. Once it’s all mixed, get a big plate or tray so that you can start putting your volcanoes together
  8. Using your hands, pick up chunks of chocolatey cereal and mould it into a cone shape before placing it on the flat surface (try placing them down so they make the shape of a heart)!
  9. Once you’ve used up all your mix, put the cones into the fridge (they need to cool down so that you can start decorating your volcanoes)!


This is a great time to help clean up any dishes you’ve used to make room for decorating (and to make sure the area is nice and tidy)!


  1. Break the white chocolate into lots of pieces
  2. Ask a grown up to help you melt the pieces of white chocolate just like you did with the milk chocolate and, when it’s melted, pour it into three small bowls
  3. Drip one food colouring each into each of the bowls while stirring (the food colouring is very strong so drip it little by little)!
  4. After stirring the food colouring and white chocolate together to make three different coloured pastes, take your cones out of the fridge
  5. Carefully drip some red chocolate onto the cones and let it harden
  6. Do the same with the orange chocolate then the yellow chocolate, giving it time to harden each time
  7. It’s time to have a blast with your mini volcanoes!


Mummy Fairy Mermaid Magic

Read about Ella Brooks’ and Mummy Fairy’s adventure with Ella’s own volcano in Mummy Fairy and Me: Mermaid Magic!


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