Friday 18th January 2019

I Owe You One around the world

To find out when I Owe You One will publish in your country please use the grid on this page. Some of the dates aren’t final so please check with your local publisher or retailers!

You will find more details of the editions that are already available on the I Owe You One book page.

Keep checking back as this page is updated regularly.


Country Publisher Publication Date
UK & Commonwealth Transworld 7th February 2019
US Random House USA 5th February 2019
Canada Random House Canada 5th February 2019
Germany Random House Germany 15th July 2019
Netherlands The House of Books 19th March 2019
France Belfond June 2020 (tbc)
Italy Mondadori 12th February 2019
Romania Polirom Coming soon!
Brazil Editorial Record Coming soon!
Sweden Printz 29th May 2019
Serbia Laguna Coming soon!
Russia Eksmo Coming soon!
Finland WSOY Coming soon!
Indonesia Gramedia Coming soon!