Tuesday 10th April 2018

New look for Surprise Me

The U.S. and Canadian paperback cover for SURPRISE ME is here! I adore the yellow cover, which makes me think of summer and reading in the sun. It’s perfect for the beach of course, as well as your book club. In fact why not have your book club meet on the beach!? It will be on sale June 26th, but you can preorder it now using the links below! Sophie x

So what’s Surprise Me about? Well, Dan and Sylvie are a couple who decide to try and add some surprises into their marriage, to keep things interesting. Instead, they find themselves with life-changing shocks… It’s impossible to sum up a book in a few words – but in no particular order, this one is about: marriage, love, sex, Fitbits, surprises, shocks, racy underwear, Battersea Park, parents, death, life, old friends, new friends, misunderstandings, fear and bravery. It made me laugh and then it made me cry and I hope it does the same for you. I can’t wait for you to read it, if you haven’t already!


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