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Thursday 25th May 2017 @ 12:00 am

I am so thrilled to unveil the title of my new book: Surprise Me. It's coming out in 2018, so there's a bit of time to wait, I'm afraid. But to get a sneak peek you can take a look at this video!

So what's Surprise Me about? Well, Dan and Sylvie are a couple who decide to try and add some surprises into their marriage, to keep things interesting. Instead, they find themselves with life-changing shocks... It's impossible to sum up a book in a few words - but in no particular order, this one is about: marriage, love, sex, Fitbits, surprises, shocks, racy underwear, Battersea Park, parents, death, life, old friends, new friends, misunderstandings, fear and bravery. It made me laugh and then it made me cry and I hope it does the same for you. I can't wait for you to read it!

Thursday 25th May 2017 @ 12:00 am

Reader’s Comments

#8.Jodi FlorioJune 19, 2017

Will you every write more shopoholic books? I love them so much! I kind find any other writers that make me laugh out loud like your books do. Please please please wrote me more 😜🤞🤞

#7.Madison ronzioJune 16, 2017

I absolutely love your work. I am a social worker and listen to all of your audibles. It is a breath of fresh air after a hard day. Thank you :)

#6.Labannya RoyJune 13, 2017

Hi Sophie! Congratulations for the new book! Okay! love to read your books read all of em and they're just too good me a big fan of yours. To be honest, simply cannot wait for 2018 I need this book now but I know that won't be happening but I'm ok with it ... just waiting for you to #SurpriseMe ❤️ with your another good novel ... Love you Sophie 🙂 and I loved all your novels from the past especially #Ivegotyournumber #findingaudrey #mynotsoperfectlife #twentiesgirl they're all hilariously amazing can't wait to read more ... Thank you so much for delivering this beautiful novels to us. Take Care!

#5.Laraine UnikJune 10, 2017

Can't wait for your new novel! You have made some very funny ones in the past that truly are fantastic! From the USA...

#4.CloverJune 9, 2017

Congratulations, I am happy a new book is coming can't wait, big fan of all the books.
My favourite is the Shopaholic series, but very close is Undomestic Goddess.

#3.JohannaJune 9, 2017

I'm am thrilled to soon get my hands on another Sophie Kinsella book!! It sounds wonderlously hilarious and quirky. Honestly can never go wrong with one of her books :)

#2.DanielaJune 5, 2017

Hello, Sophie! How are you? First, congratulations on another publication that, I believe, will be a great success!
My name is Daniela and I am one of the many admirers of her works =) I was one of the many people persuaded several times by the booktuber Aione (or simply its Brazilian number one fan ^_^) of the channel "Minha Vida Literária"->My Literary Life

#1.ClaireJune 3, 2017

So excited to hear that Sophie is going to be doing another book. I cannot wait for this one sounds so good. Hope we can pre order soon love all your books.
And I hope one day we will hear more from Becky and co xx

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